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At Bamberry, our social work team bring 15 years recruitment experience, and 9 years in the field of health and social care.

This experience gives us a good understanding of the social work sector and the challenges that social workers can face, and the challenges faced by social service organisations in attracting good quality professionals.

We have a wide range of opportunities for social workers, seniors, team managers and service managers in adults and children's services in London and around the UK.

As a business enterprise we take a consultative approach to our work and there are a number of key factors which set us apart:

  • We are a recruitment company and social enterprise. Because we are not driven solely by profit we are able to to offer the best possible benefits package for temporary assignments and focus on the long term career picture for permanent roles.

  • Our experience and our position gives us access to a wide range of available roles across social services departments and other sector related organisations. This not only includes opportunities coming through via our existing preferred supplier contracts, but also through our network of managers where we learn of new vacancies as they arise.

  • We work on all levels of assignments from social work assistants, qualified social workers through to seniors and team managers.

  • We have a dedicated division for interim managers including public sector heads of service and directors which adds a top down view to our perspective as a recruiter. See our interim management page for senior appointments.

  • We pride ourselves on our consultative approach. We do not rely solely on matching candidates to existing jobs. It is important for us to be able to assess candidates' skills, motivations and aspirations in order to search out the best opportunities.

  • We support candidates through the short listing and interview process and that support continues throughout the placement whether it is a temporary or permanent position.

  • By working with us, social work professionals are enabling and supporting our social enterprise arm which works to open up opportunities for young people.

  • By recruiting through us, social service organisations are able to further embed social value into their procurement process by supporting a Social Enterprise UK accredited business, and as promoted by the Social Value Act 2012.





Based in Covent Garden in the center of London  we are a short 5 minute walk from Charing Cross, Piccadilly or Leicester Square stations. For those further away, meetings can be arranged with one of partners outside of London.

For more information give us a call or email at:  socialwork@bamberry.co.uk

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