Community Resilience Manager







Interim Community Resilience Manager required to lead on ensuring successful community engagement and development covering all areas of public health across the Council and to:

  • Develop and support community engagement plans working together with communications and community engagement departments.
  • Identify and use community resources and assets to support delivery of this programme.
  • Support the Public Health department in developing collaborations and strategically influencing actions on community resilience.
  • Report on soft intelligence from the community to inform the COVID -19 response, Council priorities and public health campaigns and programmes.
  • Support public health campaigns’ reach into deprived neighbourhoods and communities.
  • Build strong relationships across the voluntary and community sector to extend the reach of public health.
  • Contribute to the development of JSNAs and public health reports with community intelligence.
  • Develop and support community and stakeholder engagement
  • Develop community engagement plans working together with comms and community engagement departments.

Key skills and experience required:

• Good understanding of issues contributing to health inequalities
• Strong ability to work in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders
• Ability to adapt your approach to all cultures in the community
• Demonstrable experience of managing high profile community health programmes
• Strong communication skills

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