Interim Strategy and Commissioning Manager | Adult Services

Interim Strategy and Commissioning Manger required by this London Local Authority to drive, develop and oversee the review of the council’s adult social care service provision, delivering a sustainable model for the future and to:

  • Ensure that the social care needs of residents are addressed at all times by an appropriate balance of resources, knowledge and skills 
  • Enable the effective development of the social care provider market (including services not directly commissioned by the council)
  • Ensure that a sufficiently diverse range of services are available that prevent, delay or reduce the need for statutory care and support 
  • Ensure that these services offer quality social care to the council (where directly commissioned), to personal budget holders and to self-funders 
  • Set the corporate strategy and priorities, ensuring these are based on evidence and aligned with political priorities
  • Ensure services, programmes, projects and employees are working towards a common set of outcomes as specified in the Corporate Plan
  • Design & commission how the outcomes defined in strategic planning get delivered, partnerships and funding, managing large scale procurements and then ongoing strategic contract and performance management.  

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